Industrial automation equipment for measuring, regulating and recording humidity and temperature

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Temperature and humidity controller AR247

The controller of air humidity and temperature, housing IP65, sensor integrated or in an external probe, RS485, 3 relay outputs/SSR, analogue output 0/4÷20mA or 0/2÷10V

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Recorder of temperature and humidity AR236.B

Portable humidity and temperature recorder with LCD, in a sealed housing IP65 to work in difficult conditions, integrated or an external probe, access via USB and Bluetooth

Humidity transducer AR250

Humidity transducer, current output 4÷20mA or voltage output 0÷10V, wall-mounted housing IP65

AR252 humidity and temperature transducer

Humidity and temperature transducer, optionally LCD, output current 4÷20mA, voltage 0÷10V or digital RS485, wall-mounted housing IP65