1. APAR Control sp. z o. o. with its registered office in Raszyn, ul. Finałowa 9, hereinafter referred to as the Seller, ensures the highest quality of devices purchased directly from the Seller in accordance with the catalog offer by the Buyer who is not a consumer, provided that they are used by the Buyer in compliance with the purpose specified in the user manual. The Seller ensures that the devices comply with the law, meet the currently applicable quality and safety standards.
  2. The warranty is valid and applied in the territory of the Republic of Poland.
  3. The warranty covers the device with all components constituting its parts, installed by the Seller and mentioned in the documentation.
  4. The Seller provides a quality warranty for the devices in accordance with the Warranty Document to which the General Warranty Terms and Conditions published on the manufacturer's website.
    The warranty document is issued to the Buyer by e-mail in electronic pdf form or in paper form at the explicit request of the Buyer. The warranty period is specified in the Warranty Document. This period is counted from the date of sale of the device by the Seller.
  5. Any defects revealed during the warranty period resulting from improper operation of the device subject to the warranty conditions shall be removed free of charge.
  6. Direct warranty claims against the Seller may only be submitted by the Buyer who purchased the device from the Seller. At the same time, a warranty application submitted directly by the user of the device that is not the Buyer within the meaning of this document is permissible.
  7. If defects become apparent during the warranty period, the Seller undertakes, at its choice, to remove them or replace the device with one free from defects on the conditions stipulated in the General Terms and Conditions of Warranty.
  8. The warranty does not cover the periodic device maintenance and inspections, in particular cleaning, adjustments, operational controls, operating or user parameter programming error revision and other activities the Buyer is responsible for.
  9. The warranty does not cover the devices with mechanical or electrical damage not resulting from the reasons the Seller is responsible for, in particular:
    a) devices with damage caused during careless transport and loading as well as unloading, assembly or starting,
    b) damage caused by improper use or use of the device in violation of the User's Manual or safety regulations,
    c) devices damaged due to fire, flood, lightning strike or other natural disasters, war or social unrest, unforeseen accidents, power and/or telecommunication network overvoltage, connecting to the power network incompliant with the User's Manual,
    d) devices altered, modified or repaired by persons other than the Seller.
  10. The Warranty does not cover claims for technical parameters of the device, as long as they are consistent with those provided by the Seller in the documentation.
  11. The Seller shall not be liable under this Agreement (warranty services) if the required repairs cannot be carried out due to import/export restrictions on spare parts or other legal provisions, unforeseen circumstances preventing repairs or the negative effects of force majeure.
  12. The condition for the Buyer to exercise the rights under the warranty is to contact the Seller by e-mail or in writing with a complaint and present at the time of requesting the warranty service jointly:
    a) Warranty claim form (attachment no 1 to the General Terms and Conditions of Warranty),
    b) defective device.
  13. Defects and damage to the device revealed during the warranty period should be reported to the Seller immediately, but not later than 7 days from the date of their disclosure.
  14. The place of performance of warranty repairs is the registered office of APAR CONTROL sp. z o. o. Biuro Handlowe  ul. Gałczyńskiego 6, 05-090 Raszyn.
  15. The Buyer is obliged to ship the defective device through shipping companies together  with  the Warranty Claim Form. The cost of shipping the devices covered by the warranty from a place located in the territory of the Republic of Poland shall be covered by the Seller, provided that this fact has been agreed in writing with the Seller before sending the device. In this case, the Seller may indicate the shipping company or order the collection of the device itself. In the case of sale outside the territory of the Republic of Poland, the shipment is at the expense of the Buyer.
  16. By delivering the device together with the Warranty Claim Form to the place indicated by the Seller, and in particular by sending it through third parties, the Buyer is obliged to provide it with appropriate packaging. The Buyer shall be exclusively responsible for any kind of destruction or damage to the device resulting from its improper packaging.
  17. The device delivered to the Seller's premises must meet the basic hygiene conditions, otherwise the actions taken by the Seller to clean the device do not fall within the scope of the warranty service. The Seller may make the fulfillment of the obligations under the warranty conditional on the Buyer taking the above-mentioned actions. By sending the device to the Seller's premises, the Buyer declares that the device meets basic hygiene conditions and did not work in conditions posing a biological or chemical hazard and does not bear traces of such a hazard that the Buyer knew about at the time of shipment.
  18. The defect reported during the warranty period referred to in the warranty card shall be removed by the Seller within 14 days. The deadline begins on the first business day following the date of delivery of the device to the Seller. The deadline for the performance of the warranty repair may be different (shortened or extended) than specified above. However, this requires mutual arrangements between the Buyer and the Seller's service.
  19. If the device is delivered without the Warranty Claim Form, with an incomplete form, or a form containing incorrect data, the Seller reserves the right to extend the warranty repair period until all necessary data is completed. In such case, the 14-day period  mentioned in point 18 begins on the day of providing all the necessary data.
  20. If only a part of the device is defective and can be disconnected from the part of the device operating in accordance with the technical and operating conditions described in the user's manual, the Buyer's rights under this warranty are limited only to the defective part of the device.
  21. The Buyer has the right to replace the device with a new one by the Seller if, during the warranty period, the Seller carries out two warranty repairs, and the device shows defects that prevent it from being used as intended and if the Seller states in writing that it is impossible to remove the defect.
  22. If in special situations (e.g. lack of device in the commercial offer) it is impossible to replace the device with the device of the same type, the Seller shall replace the device with another type with the most similar technical parameters. Such action is also considered to be the performance of the Seller's obligations under the warranty granted.
  23. Any defective devices or parts replaced under the warranty become the property of the Seller. The Seller shall not be liable to the Buyer for losing, damaging or destroying device due to reasons other than the defects of the device and it shall not be liable for damage caused by the defects of a device, other than actual damage.
  24. The Seller reserves the right to dispose of or return the sent device at the Buyer's expense in the event of failure to collect the device within 30 days after non-collecting the shipment with the serviced device sent to the address indicated by the Buyer in the Warranty Claim Form.
  25. If the Seller replaces the device with a device free of defects in the performance of the warranty service, the warranty period runs again from the begining from the date of delivery of the new device to the Buyer. If the Seller replaces a significant part of the device, the warranty period for this part runs anew from the date of replacement. In other cases, the warranty period is extended by the time during which, due to a defect in the device covered by the warranty, the Buyer could not use it.
  26. The warranty rights do not cover the Buyer's right to claim the refund of earnings lost due to the failure of the device.
  27. The Seller shall not be liable for any damage to health if it results from improper use of the devices.
  28. The warranty does not cover:
    a) replacement of batteries,
    b) measuring elements of air humidity sensors.
  29. As a result of the provision of Warranty Services, the Seller reserves the right to restore the device parameter settings to factory values.
  30. Programmed settings or other data recorded in the device memory and their loss cannot be covered by the warranty claim.
  31. The warranty expires in the event of damage to the nameplate of the device containing the serial number in a way that makes it impossible to identify it.
  32. In all matters not regulated above, the provisions of the Polish Civil Code shall apply.

Attachment no 1: Warranty claim form