Data recorder AR234

Recorder with universal and analogue thermometric input, with internal temperature measurement, with LCD display, battery-powered, wall mounting, USB, SD

Product Description

  • universal measurement input:
    • thermoresistance Pt100, Ni100 (2- and 3-wire with line resistance compensation)
    • thermocouple: J, K, S, B, R, T, E, N, compensation of temperature of cold ends
    • analogue: current 0/4÷20mA, voltage 0÷10V, 0÷60mV, resistance 0÷1000Ω
  • built-in sensor for measuring the internal temperature (as the second measuring channel)
  • LCD display showing the measured values, messages and errors
  • saving data in a standard CSV text file stored in the recorder's internal memory or on SD in FAT system with option of reading via USB interface
  • alarms: lower, upper, in the band and outside the band, LED indication
  • portable housing adapted for wall mounting
  • battery power supply, with the battery replaced by the user
  • long operation with a new battery (up to 5 years, depending on the mode and working conditions)
  • option of moving archive and configuration data on SD card
  • available protection against unauthorized data copying and modification
  • internal real time clock with a battery backup power supply
  • free software provided for configuration of device parameters and graphic or text presentation of recorded results
  • the option to readout files with recorded measurements in spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc
  • long-term high stability of the measurements
  • methods for configuring parameters:
    • via USB and computer program (Windows 7/8/10)
    • from a configuration file stored on an SD
  • checksum allowing detection of unauthorized modification of archived data
  • possibility to differentiate many recorders by assigning individual identification numbers (ID);
  • programmable input type, display range, recording interval, recording start/stop and other configuration parameters such as: calibration of zero and sensitivity, options of SD, LCD display options, alarms, identification number (ID)
  • option of preventing unauthorized changes in parameters of the recorder from SD and transferring archived data from the internal memory to SD (required authorization of the card or free access)
  • option of updating firmware of the recorder
  • high accuracy and immunity to interference