Dual thermostat ARTH400

Two thermostats - adjustable immersion thermostat 0÷90°C and safety thermostat 100°C ±5°C in one housing

Product Description

  • adjustable immersion thermostat with safety thermostat in a modern compact housing
  • designed for controlling the temperature in heating systems, circulation pumps, air heaters etc.
  • set temperature activation threshold
  • after exceeding the preset safety temperature switching the relay contacts, manually unlock the thermostat to make the contacts return to their normal position
  • adjustment range: 0÷90°C
  • adjustment hysteresis: 4°C ±2.5°C
  • safety threshold temperature 100 °C ±5°C
  • contact arrangement: SPDT switchable
  • contact load:
    • controlled thermostat C-1 15(3)A 400 VAC, C-2 2,5(0,6)A 400 VAC
    • safety thermostat C-1 1A 250 VAC, C-2 16A 250 VAC
  • ingress protection rating: IP40