Head temperature transducer ATR-TC-RTD

Head temperature transducer with the function of storing the measurement results, input Pt100, Ni100, Pt1000, thermocouple and analog

Product Description

  • processing of the measured temperature into a current signal
  • programmable input Pt100, Ni100, thermocouple and analog
  • current output 4÷20 mA (2-wire)
  • galvanic isolation input / output
  • input type, connection type, range of processing and recording parameters are configured using RFID programmer or a mobile phone with NFC and installed free Pixsys application for Android OS
  • saving the measured temperature values in the internal non-volatile memory (up to 4000 measurements - loop saving/overwriting)
  • the ability to show the recorded temperature on a chart - access via the programmer or a mobile phone with NFC and Android
  • Housing for mounting the head of "B" type