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Recorder of TVOC, temperature and humidity AR239

Portable recorder of total volatile organic compounds (TVOC), humidity and temperature, for indoor air quality measurements, access via USB and Bluetooth, with LCD
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Product Description

  • measurement of the concentration of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC) and humidity (RH) and temperature (T) of air in enclosed spaces to protect the comfort and well-being of people staying there
  • configurable architecture enabling use in many fields and applications (for office and residential environments, inside buildings, e.g. warehousing, production, transport, food sector, pharmacy, medicine, laboratories, etc.)
  • high-quality digital sensor of Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC), Relative Humidity (RH) and Temperature (T)
  • portable housing (IP65) adapted for wall mounting, improving the reliability by high resistance to water ingress, dust and surface condensation of vapour inside the unit
  • recording measured values and events in a standard text file stored in the internal memory in FAT system, with access via the USB port
  • the possibility of presenting current measurements (TVOC, relative humidity and temperature), calculated values (dew/frost point [°C/°F] and absolute humidity [g/m3]), measurement statistics (maximum, minimum, average) and clock, available HOLD function (stopping measurements and records)
  • battery power supply (standard 2x1.5V, AAA size type), with the battery replaced by the user
  • operation with a new battery up to 14 months (depending on the mode and working conditions)
  • internal clock with the possibility of precise correction of real time counting
  • F button for quick selection of one of the programmed functions: date and time display, memory status, measurement statistics, measured or calculated values, START/STOP button blocking, alarm memory clearing, switching on/off the Bluetooth wireless communication (BLE, optional equipment)
  • programmable function of START/STOP button: measurement refresh only, start/stop or pause/resume of recording (with or without HOLD function), presentation of memory status (recording method, number of occupied memory and how long will it be enough for)
  • a wide range of ways to start recording (continuous, limited by date and time, periodic daily, only during an alarm or manually controlled with the START/STOP button)
  • included free software (for Windows 7/8/10) enabling reading and graphical or text presentation of recorded results (ARSOFT-LOG) and configuration and copying of device parameters (ARSOFT-CFG), updates available on the website
  • the option to readout files with recorded measurements in spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc
  • recording in endless mode (when the memory is full, the oldest archives are deleted) or until the memory is full (registration is stopped), total capacity up to 84 thousand records
  • programmable archive file size for endless record (number of records)
  • configuration of parameters using the computer program via USB
  • programmable types of alarms (below or above the threshold with hysteresis, inside band or out of band), intensity, alarm memory and time of insensitivity after resetting alarms memory
  • alarm signalling with pulsating LED diodes and sounds (built-in low-volume buzzer)
  • programmable displayed values (measurement values, calculated values, statistics or clock), recording and  alarms options, and other configuration parameters, such as zero calibration of the measured quantity, type of thermometric scale (Celsius [°C] or Fahrenheit [°F]), indications resolution, identification number (ID), state of the BLE interface, etc.
  • available protection against unauthorized data copying and modification (programmable password)
  • recording period: programmable from 5 seconds to 8 hours
  • measurement and operating range:
    • TVOC: 0÷30ppm
    • RH: 10÷95%RH
    • T: 5÷50°C
  • typical measurement accuracy:
    • TVOC: ±15% of mesured value
    • RH: ±2%RH 
    • T: ± 0.3°C
  • hysteresis ±0.8%RH, long-term stability: <0.5%RH/year
  • response time (63%): 8s (airflow > 1m/s)
  • working environment: air and neutral gases, dust-free
  • communication interface: USB (for communication with the PC) or Bluetooth (read only via Sensirion MyAmbience apps for  Android and iOS)