New Product

Two-channel universal transmitter AR595

Programmable 2-channel transducer of temperature and analogue standard signals with mathematical functions, 2 outputs NPN OC, ON-OFF, STB/LATCH function, manual mode, Ethernet, USB (standard), RS485, MODBUS, MQTT, housing for DIN rail

Product Description

  • transducer of temperature and other physical quantities (humidity, pressure, flow, level, speed, etc.) available through standard digital protocols and communication interfaces (RS485, Ethernet, USB)
  • configurable architecture enabling using in many fields and applications (industrial, IT technologies, heating, food, energy, etc.)
  • 2 universal measurement inputs (RTD thermo-resistive, TC thermocouple, analogue 0/4÷20mA, 0÷10V, 0÷60mV, 0÷2.5kΩ) with mathematical functions (difference, sum, average, product, greater or lesser of the measurements) available independently for transmission and controlling alarm/control outputs
  • digital input (BIN) for quick change of transducer operation mode: start/stop of alarm/control, manual/automatic mode for outputs, deletion of errors and STB alarms (LATCH)
  • 2 on/off alarm/control outputs (bi-state OC) with independent functionalities and control algorithms (SP setpoints defined by the parameter or taken from 1/2 measurement inputs):
    • ON-OFF with hysteresis (threshold characteristics for heating and cooling, band alarms within and out of range and with an offset for three-point control)
    • thermostat/controller/safety switch STB (alarm state open/closed, deleted with BIN input, can also be used as an alarm memory of LATCH type, e.g. after exceeding the minimum, maximum or band)
    • manual mode (open control loop) with the value of the control signal (MV) programmed by the user in the range of 0÷100%, also available for sensor failure
    • limiting the maximum level of the output signal (power)
  • wide range of supply voltages (18÷50 Vac / 13÷35 Vdc)
  • optional RS485 serial interface, MODBUS-RTU protocol for reading measurements and parameters configuration
  • optional Ethernet interface, MODBUS-TCP and MQTT protocols (for the Internet of Things IoT/M2M, cloud and mobile applications), the possibility to exchange measurement and configuration data via the Internet
  • USB interface (micro USB connector, standard equipment, for programming parameters and viewing measurements via MODBUS-RTU and for updating firmware)
  • automatic/constant compensation of RTD and R sensors line resistance and temperature of thermocouple cold junctions
  • programmable input type, range of indications (for analogue inputs), options of alarms/control, communication, access, and other configuration parameters
  • access to configuration parameters protected by a user's password or without protection
  • parameter configuration via USB port, RS485 or Ethernet and ARSOFT-CFG program (for Windows 7/10/11) or user application (using Modbus-RTU and TCP communication protocols)
  • free ARSOFT-CFG software enabling the preview of the measured values and quick configuration of single or ready sets of parameters previously saved on the computer for re-use, e.g. in other transducers of the same type (duplication of configuration)
  • housing for mounting on the TS35 rail (DIN EN 60715), IP40 from the front (IP20 from the side of the connectors)
  • modern technical solutions, intuitive and simple handling, high accuracy and long-term stability as well as resistance to interferences
  • optional (in ordering method): RS485 interface and Ethernet (RJ45 connector)