Product discontinued

Maintenance calibrator AR915

Programming device-meter for measuring and simulation of temperature sensors (thermoresistance Pt100 and Ni100, 8 types of thermocouples)

Product Description

  • two modes of operation: temperature adjustment or temperature measurement, operational mode selection via keyboard
  • universal input/output:
    • thermoresistance: Pt100, Ni100, in the measurements - automatic detection of a 2- or 3-wire connection of the sensor with line resistance compensation
    • thermocouple: J, K, S, B, R, T, E, N, automatic or constant compensation of temperature of the reference junction
    • linear (analogue): voltage (mV), resistance
    • NOTE: simulation of Pt100, Ni100 sensors and resistance works for continuous (not pulsed) polarization currents of the measurement inputs
  • setting the output value directly in °C or in physical units (Ω, mV)
  • ergonomic hand-held, pocket housing with small dimensions and low weight, rubberised non-slip side grips
  • simple and reliable banana connectors for laboratory use
  • highly visible LCD display (without backlighting) and functional keyboard
  • power supply from two AA batteries (R6)
  • very long operation with a new batter set
  • auto shut-off of the calibrator after a specified time of inactivity
  • option of testing measurement devices and temperature sensors
  • diagnostic functions facilitate the detection of defects in the tested system, such as:
    • no polarization current for resistive sensor or its value to high (in the simulation)
    • short circuit in the system measuring voltage signal (in the simulation)
    • short circuit or open sensor circuit (in measurements)
  • quick and easy to readout:
    • the type of the set temperature sensor
    • the operation direction (input/output)
    • of polarization current for resistance sensor (in the simulation)
    • the type of detected connection for the resistance sensor (2-, 3-wire)
    • the temperature of the reference junction for a thermocouple sensor
    • low charging level battery or rechargeable batteries
  • Programmable range and step changes of output signal and other configuration parameters such as: display resolution, zero calibration, and amplification of the measured or setpoint signal, keypad lock, calibrator auto-off time, etc.
  • option of protecting access to the configuration of parameters with password
  • high resistance to interference occurring in industrial environments
  • auto power off when battery charge level is too low
  • dimensions: 136 x 80 x 25 mm
  • ingress protection rating: IP43
  • weight: 130 g (excluding batteries) 165g (with batteries)
  • operating temperature range: 0 ÷ 50°C
  • relative humidity range: 0 ÷ 90 % (no condensation)