Programming device-meter AR911

The programming device-meter for current signals 0/4-20mA and voltage signals 0-10V

Product Description

  • this device is used to set and measure standard current and voltage signals
  • analogue output/input (programming device or meter):
    • current 0/4÷20mA (active output, cannot be supplied in two-wire current loop)
    • current 4÷20mA (passive) for 2-wire current loop
    • voltage 0/2÷10V
  • output allows user to control or test devices with voltage or current input (proportional valves, actuators, inverters, motors, transducers, etc.).
  • soft start/stop (ramping) or a triangular wave generator triggered and stopped manually
  • programmable configuration parameters (display range, range and step changes of output signal, soft start/stop, auto-off time of the device, zero calibration, and amplification of the measured or setpoint signal, etc.)
  • quick and easy to readout:
    • of the actual value of the measured or output signal (mA, V or converted into a programmable display range)
    • type of signal set
    • operational direction
  • diagnostic functions facilitating fault detection of the tested system, e.g. a short-circuit in voltage signal system, open circuit loop
  • option of protecting access to the configuration of parameters with password
  • ergonomic hand-held design with rubberised side handles
  • simple and reliable banana connectors for laboratory use
  • highly visible LCD display (without backlighting) and functional keyboard
  • power supply from two AA batteries (R6)
  • auto shut-off of the calibrator after a specified time of inactivity
  • a built-in battery charging system (charger included)
  • auto power off when battery charge level is too low
  • high resistance to interference occurring in industrial environments
  • ingress protection rating: IP43
  • dimensions: 162 x 89 x 25 mm
  • weight: 230 g (with batteries)
  • operating temperature range: 0 ÷ 50°C
  • relative humidity range: 0 ÷ 90 % (no condensation)