SCP-Pt100 temperature sensor

Pt100 sensor for temperature measurement in the food, refrigeration or baking industry
Producent: Esseci

Product Description

  • universal sensor for temperature measurement e.g. in the food or refrigeration industry
  • measurement of liquids, gases and solids
  • measurement range:
    • SCPPT100A: -50÷200 °C
    • SCPPT100B: -50÷350 °C
    • SCPPT100C: -50÷200 °C
  • measuring element: platinum resistor Pt100, 100 Ω at 0°C
  • accuracy class: B
  • connection system: 3-wire
  • material: the tip made of stainless steel
  • connection cable:
    • SCPPT100A: silicone with length 3 m
    • SCPPT100B: Teflon, braided 3 m
    • SCPPT100C: silicone with length 3 m
dimensions: diameter 6 mm, tip length 100 mm (version A and B) or 50 mm (version C)