Temperature and humidity controller AR247

The controller of air humidity and temperature, housing IP65, sensor integrated or in an external probe, RS485, 3 relay outputs/SSR, analogue output 0/4÷20mA or 0/2÷10V
Regulator AR247/1AR247/1
Regulator AR247/2AR247/2
Regulator AR247/3AR247/3

Product Description

  • the device is used for control and monitoring of temperature and humidity at the monitored equipment/system
  • high-quality digital sensor of relative humidity and temperature with protective filter (ABS material as standard, mesh: 1 mm)
  • measurement range:
    • humidity: 0÷100 %RH
    • temperature: -30÷80°C
  • 4 versions of measurement probes:
    • integrated with the housing (AR247/1)
    • outside on 1.5m cable (AR247/2)
    • outside in box housing on 1.5m cable (AR247/3)
    • stainless steel tube with integrated a housing - length of 15cm or 25cm (AR247/L150 or AR247/L250)
  • temperature compensation of relative humidity measurement
  • programmable digital filter smoothing and stabilizing measurements
  • 3 independent outputs of on/off type (ON-OFF, control 2- and 3-position):
    • output 1 (main): ON-OFF with hysteresis, PID, AUTOTUNING PID
    • output 2, 3 (auxiliary/alarm): ON-OFF with hysteresis
  • performance characteristics: heating/humidification, cooling/drying, relative alarms
  • analogue output 0/4÷20mA (standard) or 0/2÷10V (optional), constant-control, retransmission
  • the option of converting selected value into the standard of analogue output in the retransmission mode
  • calculation of dew/frost point (° C) and absolute humidity (g/m3) for a pressure of 1 atmosphere (1013 hPa)
  • the option of selecting the control value for each output (any measured or calculated value)
  • programmable BIN digital input and function button "F" for changing the operational mode of the controller: control start/stop mode, manual mode for outputs, two-position switching of the set value (day/night), keypad lock, preview of measured values of the sensor (when calculated values are displayed)
  • advanced function of selecting PID parameters with fuzzy logic elements
  • manual mode (open control loop) available for binary and analogue outputs, setting the value of the output signal in the range of 0 ÷ 100%, option of auto-activation due to sensor failure
  • two-line digital LED readout, height of digits: 14 mm with adjustable light intensity: upper display - relative humidity (%RH or g/m3), lower display - temperature (sensor or dew/frost point, °C) or setpoint of output 1
  • optional RS485 serial interface (galvanically isolated, MODBUS-RTU, SLAVE)
  • programmable display values (measured or calculated values), options for adjustment, alarms, communication, access, calibration and other configuration parameters
  • access to configuration parameters protected by a user password or no password required
  • methods for configuring parameters:
    • via membrane keyboard (IP65) located on the front panel of the device;
    • via RS485 or AR956 (AR955) programmer and freeware ARsoft-LOG (Windows 7/8/10) or user application, MODBUS-RTU communication protocol
  • software and AR956 programmer (or AR955) allow you to view the measured value and quickly configure single or few sets of parameters previously saved in the computer for re-use, e.g. in other controllers of the same type (duplicate configuration)
  • IP65 degree of protection provided by the industrial housing which improves its reliability due to high resistance to water, dust and condensation inside the unit.
  • optionally (when ordered): measuring probe type, power supply 24Vac/dc, SSR control outputs, analogue output 0/2÷10V and RS485 interface
  • high accuracy, long-term stability and immunity to interference
  • power supply: 230Vac (85÷260Vac) / 3VA, 24Vac/dc(18÷72Vdc,3W)/(15÷50Vac,3VA)
  • operating conditions: -20 ÷ 60 °C
  • industrial housing IP65, dimensions 120x80x55mm