Temperature controller AR613

Temperature controller with timer, knob-adjusted parameters, input Pt100/J/K/S/E/N, binary input start-stop for timer control, 2 relay outputs/SSR, double readout of measured value and setpoint, ON-OFF, PID, panel-type 96x96mm

Product Description

  • microprocessor temperature controller with timer functions triggered automatically or manually
  • double reading of the measured value and setpoint
  • designed for fixed set point control
  • programming via the membrane keypad with 2-buttons and knob (encoder)
  • high accuracy and resistance to interference occurring in industrial environments
  • universal thermometer input:
    • thermoresistance Pt100
    • thermocouple J, K, S, N, E
  • binary input START/STOP to control the time function
  • 2 control relay or SSR outputs
    • output 1: ON-OFF with hysteresis, PID, PID AUTO-TUNING
    • Output 2: ON-OFF with hysteresis
  • time function (clock):
    • start signal: button or binary START/STOP input, power on
    • start timing: after the start signal or after reaching the setpoint for heating
    • supervised outputs: P1/SSR1, P2/SSR2
    • clock operation signal: 'TIME' LED, P2/SSR2
    • setting range: 0 ÷ 8640 minutes (for 144 hours)
    • binary START/STOP input: N.O. contact or voltage
  • programmable input, range of indications and other parameters
  • option of protecting access to the configuration of parameters with password
  • option of blocking changes to the set values and START/STOP button
  • software digital filtering
  • programmable operation characteristics (process controller, ramping)
  • manual mode for output control (on-off type)
  • dual LED display, digit height: 20 and 14 mm, brightness adjustment
  • signalling:
    • activity of relays, timer operation and the type of displayed values - shown on the lower display: red LED's
    • detected errors: messages on the display
  • measurement accuracy:
    • 0.2% of the measurement range ± 1 digit
    • thermocouple inputs: 0.3% of measuring range. ± 1 digit, <2 ° C (temp. of cold ends)
  • response time: 0.5÷2 seconds (depending on the digital filtering level)
  • power supply:
    • 230Vac (85÷260 Vac) / 3VA
    • 24Vac/dc (18÷72Vdc/3W, 15÷50Vac/3VA)
  • operating temperature range: 0÷50°C
  • relative humidity range: 0÷90% (no condensation)
  • panel housing INCABOX XT 96x96x79 mm
  • ingress protection rating: IP50 from the front, IP20 from the connectors
  • material: polycarbonate, self-extinguishing NORYL 94V-0