Temperature transducer AR553

Temperature transducer, integrated sensor, current output, voltage output or RS485, wall-mounted housing IP65
AR553 / LCDAR553 / LCD

Product Description

  • probe integrated in the housing, external on the cable, in the housing or on a stainless steel tube
  • optional channel design
  • current output 4 ÷ 20mA (power supply in current loop), voltage output 0 ÷ 10V or RS485 interface
  • programmable processing temperature ranges
  • no galvanic isolation power supply/output
  • optional LCD display with keypad
  • configuring parameters from the keypad via RS485 port or PRG (AR955 or AR956 programmer) and ARsoft-CFG freeware
  • ingress protection rating: IP65
  • option of power supply from AR956 programmer during configuration of parameters