Temperature transducer AR580

Programmable temperature transducer, input Pt100 and thermocouples J, K, S, N, E, current output 4÷20mA or voltage output 0÷10V, without galvanic separation, housing for mounting on DIN rail

Product Description

  • linear processing of the measured temperature into a current or voltage signal
  • input (programmable):
    • thermoresistance: Pt100
    • thermocouple: J, K, S, N, E (automatic or constant compensation of temperature of the reference junction)
  • output:
    • current 4÷20mA (2-wire with power supply in current loop)
    • voltage 0÷10V (3-wire)
  • no galvanic separation input / output
  • housing for mounting on TS35 strip (DIN rail)
  • input type, processing range and other processing parameters configured with AR950, AR956 programmer or AR956 programming set or by the manufacturer according to customer specifications
  • processing ranges: any in the input measuring range
  • signalling the exceeded processing range or sensor error:
    • optical: red LED
    • output: 3.8 or 21 mA
  • high accuracy and immunity to interference
  • response time (10÷90%): 900ms, programmable in the range of 350÷1600ms
  • power supply:
    • 10÷36 Vdc for current output
    • 18÷36 Vdc for voltage output
  • operating temperature range: 0÷65 °C
  • relative humidity range: 0÷90 %RH (no condensation)
  • ingress protection rating: IP20
  • weight: approx. 20 g