Contact thermostat TUSC

Contact thermostat, pipe-mounted, knob-adjusted temperature, the range of 0÷90°C

Product Description

  • The contact thermostat is mounted directly on the pipe using a spring
  • application: temperature control in the water heaters, boilers
  • performs the measurement of medium in the pipe
  • adjustment range: 0÷+90°C
  • accuracy:  5°C
  • hysteresis: 5°C
  • measurement on the pipe having a diameter of: 2/3÷4"
  • maximum housing temperature: 85°C
  • maximum head temperature: 130°C
  • ingress protection rating: IP40
  • contact load: 16(4)A 250VAC; 6(1)A 400VAC
  • contact arrangement: SPDT, switchable (heating or cooling)
  • electrical connectors: universal: screwed or flat plug 6.3 x 0.8 mm
  • dimensions (width x height x depth): 54 x 77 x 56 mm
  • certificate: CE