Safety thermostat TRUM

Safety thermostat for protecting heating devices against overheating with manual reset, for integrating, threshold of 95°C

Product Description

  • after exceeding the safety threshold, the thermostat opens the circuit and automatically disconnects power to the heating device
  • re-switching of the heating device after the manual unlocking of the thermostat
  • safety threshold: +95°C
  • accuracy: ±3°C
  • capillary length: 1.0÷1.5 m
  • capillary tip: 90 x 6mm
  • capillary material: brass
  • ingress protection rating: IP00
  • contact load: 16(4)A 250VAC; 6(1)A 400VAC
  • arrangement of contacts: SPST, separable, normally closed
  • connectors: flat plug 6.3 x 0.8 mm
  • certificate: CE