Humidity transducer AR250

Humidity transducer, current output 4÷20mA or voltage output 0÷10V, wall-mounted housing IP65

Product Description

  • high quality digital sensor of the relative humidity with protective filter (ABS housing as a standard and the stainless steel mesh - 0.15 mm)
  • high accuracy and resistance to interference occurring in industrial environments
  • measurement range 0÷100 %RH
  • analogue output 4-20mA or 0-10V
  • polycarbonate housing (IP65), dimensions: 94x58x35mm
  • measurement accuracy: ± 2% RH (in the whole measurement range)
  • hysteresis: ± 0.8% RH
  • response time (63%): 8s (airflow> 3.6km / h)
  • measurement period: 1s
  • operating conditions: -30 ÷ 80 °C